RBF International has a dedicated team who, in close collaboration with its customers  and suppliers, is responsible for the design and optimization of the client’s private label in compliance with regulations relating to quality, safety and respect for the environment. RBF offers a one stop turnkey service for your brand, including marketing, sales, manufacturing and distribution.

Raw materials

The formula elaboration and product manufacturing include various raw materials. RBF International buys from specialized suppliers, devoted to the constant search for quality and safety. The Research and Quality Teams are very committed to ensuring the highest level of quality supplies, detecting new raw materials and offering you the best quality-price ratio. Annually, a Business Intelligence is performed by these teams of professionals to evaluate the latest market trends and promote innovation of raw materials and manufacturing.


The purpose of packaging is to protect and enhance the product. For RBF, it is essential that it also be innovative and safe. The Product Design Team works with you to design, optimize and seek innovative concepts that reflect the essence of your business.

Point of Sale Advertising — Promotions —Marketing Services – Store Concepts

Highlighting products is a strategic axis of brand communication of RBF International products. Point of Sale advertising (POS) and promotional items (Promotions) are important means to win over consumers. They require creativity, innovation and competitiveness. After establishing your own marketing plan, our Design Department will assist you in the process of creating your marketing tools (POP displays, POS multi material and colours, signs, brochures, tips and tricks, cross-marketing, etc.)


Our team of professionals offers, on an annual basis, practical and personalized training on all product lines to help your consultants become pool and spa water specialists. At all times, our customers have privileged access to various training tools available online such as webinars, Power Points, PDF, photos, video clips, and other training material on hand in their own private client area. RBF also offers telephone assistance to its customers so they can have excellent customer service.


Our Sales and Marketing Team is trained to analyze and understand the market. A category management analysis is done on a regular basis with our customers. We are here to support our customers and provide recommendations. The goal is to offer the best combination of products to adequately meet the needs of your customers. 

RBF International has a Representation Team that’s always available to its customers.