RBF offers you a maintenance calendar for swimming pool water. A simple and efficient way to keep swimming pool water crystal clear all summer.

In terms of pool chemical products, there are no bad products, only bad product combinations in order to get a certain result. Here are the steps to follow on a weekly basis to keep pool water sparkling during the entire bathing season.

This maintenance guide will help you maintain water parameters at recommended levels.

Total Alkalinity: 80 - 120 ppm
Calcium Hardness: 200 - 300 ppm
Stabilizer: 30 - 50 ppm
pH : 7.2 - 7.8
Chlorine: 1 - 3 ppm

Maintenance calendar

Maintenance calendar swimming pool

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How to read and understand the swimming pool maintenance calendar

The maintenance calendar will indicate the procedure to maintain clear and sparkling water all summer. All the products recommended in this calendar help prevent premature wear and tear of the pool components. To know the required quantities, read the Directions for Use on the label of each product mentioned in this calendar. During weekly maintenance (Weeks 1 to 17), it is recommended to wait 30 minutes between each product before adding the next. The order in which the products are added is not important.

  1. 1 It’s important to use Quartz Sleeve Cleaner to clean the quartz sleeve of the UV system at the beginning or end of the season to remove scale, oils and debris that accumulate on the sleeve. It will improve efficiency and extend the life of the UV system.
    *** Be careful to clean only the quartz sleeve and not the lamp inside the system.
  2. 2 The Opening Kit will facilitate the swimming pool opening at the beginning of the season.
  3. 3 Once swimming pool water is clear, adjust and maintain parameters at the recommended levels.
  4. 4 UV-Shock is a very slow dissolving chlorine stick that is specially designed to work with the UV system. Simply add the sticks in the chlorinator or in the pool’s skimmer.
  5. 5 Quantum Shock is a multi-action shock treatment designed to keep the pool water clear during the busiest and hottest period of the summer. In addition to resisting the sun’s UV rays, Quantum Shock also contains a clarifier.
  6. 6 Finally, the Closing Kit is a simple and efficient solution to close the swimming pool in planning for next year’s swimming season.
Note: The periods indicated above are for reference purposes only and may vary from one summer to the next.